Requested: Demyx icons

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I hope it’s okay that I made Manga and Render icons, I couldn’t find any nice quality screencaps D:

━ This world is perfect for us.


thinking about AU stuff. warming up to the brothers headcanon.

Kingdom Hearts Click-and-Drag Game

❝ You’re useless.❞
                                                    ❝ We need you. 


Fuck this cake. Fuck this cute little cake. I made this ice cream cake in record time in atrocious summer heat while my mama was cooking soup, all before my sister got home at 2 from school. Tried my best to give it a kingdom hearts vibe. Taking a nap now~



At the end of kh3 I want sora and axel to take roxas and xion to twilight town to have ice cream and then roxas sees hyner’s gang and gets really sad so sora “introduces” him to them and they have that “have we met before?” Moment and roxas just smiles and says no and tries not to cry

but they did meet


Kingdom Hearts ABC’s → P for Princesses of heart

  The seven princesses of hearts are maidens with hearts of pure light, devoid of darkness. When gathered together, they can summon the Final Keyhole which can give access to Kingdom Hearts


listen if you insult cats you are also insulting me