kingdom hearts halloween: oogie boogie!





Is something funny why I draw this, I was checking the notes of the blog and I found this…

When I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing and this comic came to my mind and I did it, I have to say thank’s to vanikey for have a so funny icon hahaha xD.



Sorry I’m not really talkative with all these asks?? thanks for the support you guys but I’m just…..

it’s been a long day a lot has happened good night y’all

I personally think that one anon has no right telling you what's "too young for marriage." Do what you want! I hope that you two are very happy together in the near future. So uh, yeah, best of luck!

Aw thank you!! I completely agree.

I’m sure we will be c:


You don't look like you're half the hero the others were.


You don't look like you're half the hero the others were.
I don't believe in marriage at this point in my life but all my friends who are are between the ages of 19 and 25 don't let tha haters stop you from doing your thang<3

right! aw thank you :) 

I still have like three years before I’m out of school and want to even start planning. So I’d get married like 24?? 23? if it  works out that way. Which I don’t think is too young at all

I'd also like to add, one of my good high school friends got married at 18. She's been with her husband for 5 years and they're still going strong. So, uh. Anon, sit down, can you not?

Yes plz my parents did the same thing and they’re still hardcore in love




no, saxel.



I'm 22, I just got engaged. I'd already be married if not for preparing for an overseas move. Sure it's a tad risky to get married at a young age, but if you're consenting and it's legal? I say it's not a big deal. To tell you what you can and can't do with your life is pretty rude tbh.

my sister and her fiance are getting married and theyre 26! you aernt too young

thanks! I don’t think we are either

srsly? i'm 17 and i just got engaged. fuckit. if you're in love and its reciprocated, do what chu want.


I mean. As long as it’s not like Anna love.

Don't worry about anyone saying you'd be too young to get married! People are ready for marriage at all different ages, and YOU are the one to determine whether or not you're ready, so don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise, mmkay?

yeah! Thanks 

That anon telling you 20 something is to young to be married needs to just please stop. They have no right to tell someone that it's wrong to be married at any age (as long as it's at least legal ages) and that it's really up to how ready the two people getting married are about it. I'm sorry if I'm fussing about it and if this bothers you, but it's just rubbing me the wrong waaaay...

Right?? I know, I agree. But thank you for support :) My parents got married right out of high school. And Dell and I have been together for six years, known each other eight. There’s no one else I”d rather have. You’re not bothering